‎Acquia Engage Awards 2022

Every year, the Acquia Engage Awards celebrate and showcase the best examples of our customers’ and partners’ work.

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Your Time to Shine is Here

The Engage awards are an annual celebration of our customers’ and partners’ who have gone above and beyond to create the world’s most ambitious digital projects. 

How Your Brand Can Win

We’ve made it easy for your brand by providing helpful tips and tricks when submitting a winning story.  We’ve also made it easier for your team to collaborate on your nominations. 

Explore this year’s categories to see where your story fits.


These are the stories that create digital experiences that make a real impact, very quickly.  Technologists and tech leaders who bust through the noise, they do the work, and they get results


These are the stories that celebrate those who are in the trenches, developing and delivering innovations on their terms. Developers who leave the status quo behind, and truly transform how brands power their business.


These are the stories of business leaders who don’t take “no” for an answer. Marketers who never let anything  stand in their way and look for a way to do everything better, every day. They’re always learning, always creating, and always searching for what’s next.

Reimagining Customer Experience
We want to see proof that “if you dream it, you can build it.” How has your team created flexible, open solutions that help your organization reinvented customer experience? We want to celebrate solutions that allow organizations to personalize, engage, and connect with customers in new ways.
Most Powerful Customer Outcome
When you drilled down into your customer data, did you find something that made you markedly shift how your organization does business? Tell us how your customer insights and/or analytics changed the game at your organization.
Scaling to accommodate online growth is tough: today it requires a meaningful change in the delivery model and adoption of new technologies, often in a way that changes the way organizations do business. Show us how you rose to the challenge and delivered amazing solutions at scale.
Best Return on Investment
Organizations that have implemented strategies that ensure governance and reduce cost and time-to-market...and have the results to prove it.
Quickest to Launch
Got things up and running at top speed in no time? We want to know how your team expertly leveraged Acquia to bring your solution from vision to fruition, fast.
Open Source Giants
Strongest contribution to the Drupal ecosystem, through Drupal.org or GitHub code contributions, event sponsorship, community mentorship, or technical excellence.
Most Impactful Headless Application
The rise of customer experience over multiple devices and channels has increased the prevalence of headless experiences. These submissions celebrate a developer’s freedom to build as they choose, whether that’s a decoupled experience, a brand’s app, connected devices, or IoT (internet of things).
Building A Better Tomorrow
This award applauds organizations that used the Acquia platform or technologies to make a difference, provide essential resources for their communities, and design a new path forward. Submissions may include stories that solved key challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, improved their communities, or addressed pressing matters like climate change, diversity and inclusion.
Strongest Brand Activation
Celebrating the most organized content libraries and Digital Asset Management (DAM) deployments. Empowered brands that have the greatest reach across functions of the business and supporting channels. Winner will have the most impactful use case, most integrated brand activation and elevation.
Impactful Low-Code/No-Code Experiences
Celebrating the marketers who have delivered speedy deployments and creative site experiences with low-code/no-code solutions. These stories have consolidated simple, mundane, and time-consuming tasks with a hybrid model of site-building to optimize processes and add immense value to their brand experiences.

Submissions are Now Open

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On what criteria will my application be reviewed?
All projects must include use of the Acquia Platform or SaaS products*
- Submissions will be judged on the following: functionality, integration, performance (results and key performance indicators) and overall user experience.
- All submissions must represent initiatives, updated features or projects built with Acquia that were completed within the last 36 months prior to submission.
How are Engage Award Winners selected?
A panel of distinguished judges will evaluate submissions based on several criteria: Functionality, Integration, Performance (results and KPIs) and overall user experience.
We will select 2 finalists per category, with one winner unless exceptions are noted.
What else do I need to know?
Submissions will close July 19th Winners will be unveiled August 2022. Please note that all projects that are submitted for the 2022 Engage Awards will be featured in an online gallery of nominees. Finalists and winners will also be included in additional PR and marketing communications. All award nominations may be moved into different categories at Acquia’s discretion.
What’s New in 2022?
Additional Region and Industry Award Opportunities
Improved User Experience for Submissions
Save and Revisit Submissions
Earlier launch and Extended Submission Window
Enhanced Promotional Opportunities
Explore Winning Stories

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Reimagining Customer Experience

Acquia empowers Medicare.gov to deliver easy-to-understand information to America’s seniors.

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Go RVing

Best Campaign

When Go RVing wanted to get millennials into the RVing lifestyle, they tapped Acquia to help spread the word.

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When Bayer needed to connect with healthcare professionals in an engaging, meaningful way, Acquia provided the platform to help make it happen.

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clean earth

Best ROI

When Clean Earth needed to effectively communicate just what makes it different, Acquia helped the company connect with customers.

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Fannie Mae

Building a Better Tomorrow

When Fannie Mae needed a flexible, scalable platform to help communicate with borrowers and lenders, Acquia provided the solution.

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Radical Innovator

When the pandemic threatened to shut down Halloween, Mars worked with Acquia to save the day.

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