Acquia Migrate Re-Platform

Are you wanting to migrate from Adobe or Sitecore to Drupal? Migrate from any CMS with Acquia Migrate Re-platform

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Migrating From Another CMS?

If you aren't using Drupal today and you want to migrate to Drupal 9, you're in luck. Acquia Migrate Re-Platform accelerates the migration from non-Drupal to Drupal 9 by up to 5x while removing risks typically associated with re-platforming projects. 

Migrate Your Content And Data Up To 5 Times Faster With Acquia Migrate Re-Platform:
  • Accelerate content mapping leveraging a common language
  • Leverage tested transformation scripts to migrate faster
  • Reduce migration risk with extensive reporting
  • Optimize & audit your content with detailed content reports
  • Build your application with low-code in Acquia Site Studio
Theme Your New Drupal Site With Low-Code

Drupal 9 Presentation Made Easy

Building your Drupal 9 theme doesn't have to be hard. Accelerate your Drupal 9 build with Site Studio and take advantage of the agility low-code has to offer your whole team.

Low-Code Experience Building For Drupal 9
  • Over 70 pre-built low-code templates and components to use on day one
  • Drag and drop page building with real time previews
  • Enforce brand, layout, and accessibility at a site level
  • Create new brand sites at scale without technical support and enforce brand guidelines across your entire site portfolio
  • Empower your whole team, marketers included, to contribute content and accelerate experience production

Acquia Migrate Re-Platform

Migrate Your Content And Data From Any CMS To Drupal 9 Quickly And Without Risk.

Central Migration Database

One central hub for content, metadata and audit trails to help streamline your entire migration.

Real Time Testing

Test your migration before and throughout the migration process.

Acquia Migrate Analyze

Extract your content & data from any CMS into comprehensive reports to investigate your data model and optimize your content before migrating to Drupal 9.