Create experiences that align teams, enhance company culture, and ensure employees feel more connected to your organization's mission.

Why Acquia For Employee Experience

According to Gartner, “Organizations whose employees are largely satisfied with their experience are 48% more likely to meet organizational customer satisfaction goals, 89% more likely to meet organizational innovation goals and 56% more likely to meet organizational reputation goals.”

The Impact of Cost Cutting on Employee Experience and Talent Outcomes, Matthias Graf, 25 March 2020

Where Customer Experience Meets Employee Experience

As workplaces become increasingly digital and more employees choose remote work, creating an exceptional Employee Experiences is critical. An exceptional Employee Experience unifies and connects employees to increase productivity and boost company moral.


Access Company Content

Making sure employees are informed on the latest company information is critical for your business. Whether they need to know about the latest product developments, new benefits programs or other relevant information.

Employees who are "in the know" feel valued and connected.

Low-Code Site Building


Discover Content Fast

Making it easy for employees to find all the relevant information to do their job is critical. Whether they need to read the latest company stats, find a recent webinar, or get competitive intelligence it needs to be easily accessible and discoverable.


Connect to All Employee Applications

Delivering content is only one piece of the employee experience puzzle. Employees interact with many systems on a daily basis including benefits systems, payroll, and more. Your Employee Experience needs to make it easy for employees to access the systems they use the most.

Acquia CMS, the backbone of Acquia's Employee Experience, has pre-built modules to connect your internal applications to your employee experience taking the time and effort of connecting out of the equation.

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Communicate and Collaborate

With the recent increase in remote workers, it's more critical than ever to enable employees to gain visibility into their team workstreams. This helps to improve employee efficiency and boost moral by providing visibility into how their efforts impact and drive forward the company vision.

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Know Your Employees

Delivering relevant and personalized experiences to customers is a top priority when it comes to creating a digital experience -- so why shouldn't it be a top priority for Employee Experiences? By learning about each employee and delivering a personalized experience, it will improve their connection, alignment and productivity.

Acquia CDP and Personalization enable you to learn about your employees and deliver relevant content to them to improve employee efficiency.

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Use Cases

The Acquia Employee Experience

Acquia's Employee Experience helps CHROs achieve many outcomes for their employees to drive employee productivity and satisfaction.

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Event Management

Create compelling event landing pages and communicate your upcoming company calendar to all employees.

Hand Holding Shapes Ball
Knowledge Management

Understand your employees needs to deliver personalized employee experiences.

Man with Small Men
Executive Communications

Enable your executives to communicate critical company and organizational updates.

Three Chat Message Bubbles
Company News

Deliver critical company updates all from one central source to ensure organizational alignment.

Computers Connecting

Enable employees to view each others workstreams and gain alignment into how their contributions further your company's mission.

Multiple trajectories on a line graph
Data & Insights

Learn about what type of information your employees want and anticipate their needs

You're In Good Company

Sealed Air: Case Study



Acquia Dx Alliance: The World’s Largest MACH-Partner Ecosystem

Acquia DX Alliance is an open technology partner community, driving collaboration through a composable network of leading technology vendors providing choice and jointly delivering interoperable solutions that extend Acquia Open DXP. Building a robust technology partner community enables Acquia and its partners to best support rapidly evolving customer needs.

Key Features
Flexible Architecture
Flexible Operational Models
Meet the unique needs of your business and employees today as hybrid and remote working models are embraced, and for the future as new needs and technologies arise.
Composable Experience
A composable architecture empowers your organization to be agile, seamlessly integrating, extending, personalizing and optimizing the experiences you deliver for every employee.
Composable Insights
Align your entire business to your customers, ensuring they are meeting their needs, furthering their experience and their bottom line with the insights & information they need to be effective.
Composable Journeys
Deliver great, personalized resources to every employee proactively without them searching endlessly.
Composable Content
Scale up with maximum agility to satisfy your employees’ desires to make informed decisions. Empower anyone to assemble and control the employee experiences, with proper permissions.
Composable Designs
We offer a “config instead of code” approach. This pattern allows control of your experience without having to write code. You are never starting from scratch.
Composable Capabilities
With JSONAPI, GraphQL, and native support for custom REST endpoints, we define the Hybrid Headless model. It will serve your needs when it comes to connectivity and a flexible delivery model without missing a beat.
Composable Stacks
Scale out infinitely while always maintaining global visibility and control over the total experience your business is delivering.
Democratized Data
Empower employees with democratized, discoverable, and immediately accessible information that allows them to exercise their best judgment and further the customer experience.
Fast & Reliable Decision Making
Empower their employees by making it easier for them to succeed in their customer interactions create higher customer loyalty.
Build Culture
Drive long term growth. Utilize employee “personas” to highlight the diversity of needs, employee work styles and types of information that will help them grow professionally and further the business.
Cultivate Talent
Build a better culture and retain top talent. Employees that work at companies that offer a low-effort customer experience are more likely to report that their work environment is trusting and open.
Drive Cross-Functional Alignment and empower anyone to create and deploy content with proper permissions.
Integration with key operational applications - payroll, benefits, HR systems, and more with an open platform.
Find structured or unstructured content anywhere within the “company walls”.
Natural Language Understanding
Use artificial intelligence to automatically determine general employee query intent and return best matches based on query context.
Federated Architecture
Query multiple data sources (including third-party) and aggregate the results into one unified experience.
Semantic Text Search
Instead of relying on keywords, embed both search queries and FAQs in vector space and uses an algorithm to determine the most relevant FAQ.
Extractive QA
Search unstructured data - such as help articles, employee guides, and more - to return direct answers in the form of featured snippets.
Faceted Search
Leverage dynamic filters that update based on an employee’s search.
Query Rules
Augment employees' search experiences with business rules that boost, bury, and personalize search results.
Spelling Correction
Correct misspellings in a query and surface "Did You Mean" suggestions in the results for query refinement.
Location Personalization
Using NLP, detect employees' locations to inform search results and surface the most contextually relevant information.
Access real-time insights into what employees are searching for and how they're asking questions.
Auto Suggest and Auto Complete
Inform your employees on queries with great results, using a combination of customizable, hard-coded prompts and popular queries to guide their search.
Deliver Better Customer Experiences
Provide your customers with a low-effort experience by removing unnecessary and laborious steps from their employees’ daily work.
Seamless Publishing
Empower all roles to quickly create and publish beautiful, new content to disseminate to the organization in moments.
Create EX with Low Code to empower anyone to create and deploy content, with proper permissions.