Multi-Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is all about using automated workflows to increase efficiency and to optimize campaign scale and learnings. Marketing automation platforms (MAPs) are designed to help marketers nurture leads through the entire funnel from awareness through to conversion. 

This technology helps marketers manage segments, maintain contact list hygiene, develop and action personalization all in one place. Additionally depending on the system, MAPs can automate true multichannel campaigns in addition to traditional email marketing.

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Key Benefits


A marketing automation platform is not only a known revenue driver, but is often as staple to a businesses growth as a CRM.


A MAP is all about automating processes for your marketing team, which in turn allows them to utilize time optimizing campaigns rather than deploying them.

Funnel Health

A MAP enables marketers to not only track but also to systematically evaluate the health of their funnel and success rate of various tactics.

Key Use Cases


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Business to business transaction models are often the most referenced in the MAP market because of their ability to connect to a CRM and thus track the entire lifecycle of a lead


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Business to consumer models require MAPs for both acquisition campaigns (hello 10% discount offers in exchange for an email address), and loyalty programs


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Businesses who market to consumers via another business (B2B2C) leverage MAPs to design campaigns for consumers that their reseller can leverage, and also need to speak to the business-sellers directly


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SMB / Midmarket / Enterprise

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to speak directly to their customers and can benefit from marketing automation tools to make their marketing process more efficient and effective

Key Features
Campaign Customization
Landing page and email drag and drop editing
Easy drag and drop design, WYSIWYG editor with no HTML required to go from design concept to creation
Dynamic content
Condense email sends by assigning “instructions” to content, so that it automatically adjusts for each contact or segment
Gain relevance by editing your campaigns directly in the platform to deliver personalized experiences for each segment or contact
Contact Hygiene
Easily build audiences based on behavior and customize campaigns tailor-made for individuals and groups alike.
Lead scoring
Track leads throughout the entire lifecycle with an out of the box points system or a customized scoring system that works for your business
Contact list management
Easily manage your contact hygiene, and ensure GDPR compliance and cookie management without the headache
Scale and Flexibility
Distributed marketing
Multi-tenant hosting that allows a master framework to oversee downstream instances
Golden templating
Devise the ideal multi-channel campaign in the master framework and implement in every instance
Integrations & APIs
Built to be API-first, connecting your marketing automation tool with the rest of your marketing suite has never been easier to optimize end to end omnichannel experiences for your customers
Customer Journey Design
Visual journey builder
Design each touch point in a customer’s journey and replicate the campaign for segments, or personalize for individuals
If/then logic-powered decisioning
Determine the next best action for each segment for every step along the way
Multichannel marketing hub
Leverage journey automation to be the actioning arm of diverse multichannel, multitouch campaigns
Customer Journey Data
Journey optimization
Receive real time insights that enable you to market smarter and make adjustments on the fly
Journey analytics
Measure results to ensure your campaigns hit necessary metrics to manage marketing success
Segment-specific data
Analyze the results of various campaigns and tactics per unique, defined segments
Marketing Automation At Acquia

Why Acquia Campaign Studio?

The marketing automation platform (MAP) market is longstanding and ever growing. These days, leveraging a marketing automation platform is a business imperative that drives awareness by increasing reach, and is a known revenue driver. The trick is selecting the right platform and vendor for your business.

DXP Leadership

This is an important tech purchase, so choosing a vendor that’s a leading-DXP will not only help your “now” but will ensure you’re building a tech stack for the future.

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Pay for What You Need

Because Campaign Studio provides you with all the tools you need to deploy custom, multichannel campaigns, but won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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Distributed Marketing

Supercharge your marketing by consolidating marketing automation needs with Acquia Campaign Factory, a parent-style framework of multiple Campaign Studio instances.

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Acquia Named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for DXP

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