Customer Journeys

Customer journey automation (CJA) is all about building and automating multistage and multichannel campaigns to help move your customers along the funnel. CJA tools are designed to help marketers personalize, automate, and optimize customer experiences.

This technology helps marketers determine next best actions for audience segments by leveraging if/then logic. Additionally, customer journey automation tools can provide reporting and analytics on performance that help inform optimization decisions.

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Key Benefits

Holistic View

Customer journey automation gives you a view of your entire funnel and every customer interaction

Increase Efficiency 

These tools remove channel-specific silos and allow marketers to operate seamlessly within their tech stack

Actionable Insights

Customer journey automation spans across a time period, rather than reporting on a specific point in time

Key Use Cases


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Customer Experience professionals lean on customer journey automation tools to gather a view into every single touch point with a customer from across departments and systems


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Marketers leverage customer journey automation tools to hone in on and learn about the success rate of various topics, tactics and approaches to customers and potential customers


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IT Services

IT professionals help stitch together the data inputs and output layers to help maximize investment in a customer journey automation tool

Key Features
Journey Design
Visual journey builder
Design each touch point in a customer’s journey and replicate the campaign for segments, or personalize for individuals
If/then logic-powered decisioning
Determine the next best action for each segment for every step along the way
Multichannel marketing hub
Leverage journey automation to be the actioning arm of diverse multichannel, multitouch campaigns
Journey Data
Journey optimization
Receive real time insights that enable you to market smarter and make adjustments on the fly
Journey analytics
Measure results to ensure your campaigns hit necessary metrics to manage marketing success
Segment-specific data
Analyze the results of various campaigns and tactics per unique, defined segments
Customer Journey Automation at Acquia

Why Acquia Campaign Studio?

Journey building capabilities are not new in the martech landscape and many vendors offer some portion of a tool like this. What’s important to evaluate is whether the tool has a visual and interactive component, that there’s sophisticated logic in place, and the analytics capabilities are sufficient for your needs.

Marketing Automation

Campaign Studio offers a drag and drop journey builder tool within the marketing automation platform. Integrate campaign management tools with Campaign Studio empowers you to deploy connected multichannel campaigns with ease.

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Distributed Marketing

Multi-tenant marketing automation is a perfect choice to scale your journey automation. With Acquia Campaign Factory, a parent-style framework of multiple Campaign Studio instances, you can manage downstream 

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Customer Data

Acquia’s journey builder tool connects to our Customer Data Platform (CDP), which further extends the data gathering and reporting capabilities offered in Campaign Studio. Perfect if you’re looking to supercharge your analytics.

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What Else...

Customer journey automation should connect with your other tools and systems. Learn about Acquia's journey automation tool, housed within Acquia Campaign Studio, and other ways to optimize your marketing technology stack.

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