Drupal Community

Drupal is created and used by one of the largest and most diverse open source communities on the planet.

People from around the world collaborate together with a respectful and inclusive culture. If you have ever used Drupal, you are part of this community

Everyone Is Welcome

Benefits of the Drupal Community

Everyone who uses Drupal benefits from the combined and coordinated efforts of the global community. This applies to everyone regardless of skill, age, disability, location, gender identity, or income level.

Shared innovation

Everyone who uses Drupal benefits from the combined and coordinated efforts of the global community.

With tens of thousands of developers sharing and improving the code, you don't have to do everything yourself. 

World Class Security

Drupal has an organized process for investigating, verifying, and publishing possible security problems.

Potential issues are found and fixed before they can be exploited.

Community Events

The community coordinates events all year round ranging from large conferences to local camps.

These events are great ways to network, share, and learn new skills from one another.

Your Development Team Just Got a Lot Bigger.

Open Source CMS


A CMS for the Whole Team

Most of the CMS tools available are built for certain uses. Drupal is unique. It is a modular framework for assembling the specific CMS requirements that you need.

Drupal can be the single CMS toolset for the needs of today and those of tomorrow.

Shoulders of Giants

The community is building, extending, and publishing new modules all the time. Your team can leverage and reuse this work, which minimizes the need for custom code.

The result is a world class CMS that can be assembled and updated faster than most other solutions.

Popular Integrations

Key Features

Here is why the Drupal community shines:

Shared Resources
Free, open source assets
Access to over 47,000 free modules
Access to over 1,300 prepackaged solutions
Access to over 2,900 free themes
Security team and regular scans
Community and Social Resources
Camps and conferences
Working groups
Contributor guide
Code of conduct
Career Development
Develop your personal portfolio
Community job boards
Mentor/mentee opportunities

What distinguishes Drupal is both the size & diversity of our community, and the many ways in which people give back.

Dries Buytaert CTO, Acquia
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