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Acquia CMS

The only Agile Enterprise Content Management System. A pre-packaged version of Drupal with enhanced capabilities exclusive to and maintained by Acquia.

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Enterprise Content Management For All

Agile built, made for Drupal — high code, low code, no code. No compromise.

A True Hybrid CMS

Whether you need high-code, low-code, or no-code assembly, Acquia CMS has you covered. A true hybrid CMS that supports every option.




    High Code

    Developer Driven

    If you're looking to deploy content across diverse digital channels and want a Javascript frontend, we can help.

    Acquia CMS is designed to support this use case with JSON:API available out of the box, full GraphQL modules available, and a UI based query builder.




    Low Code and No Code

    Marketer Driven

    Acquia CMS provides powerful low-code and no-code tools for customers who prefer an end-to-end solution, limited development work, and content workflows decoupled from code deployment.

    Self-service tools give business users the power to create the whatever experiences they can imagine with full brand governance and content workflow control.




    Hybrid CMS

    Best Of All Worlds

    Many organizations have progressed beyond traditional websites and want to provide true web applications by combining content, JS web components, and PWA support all with user-friendly tools.

    Augment your primary application with decoupled or native applications that consume the same content across any channel — all at the same time.

Dive Deeper

Acquia CMS Capabilities

Engineered for the entire organization, Acquia CMS provides features and benefits for everyone.

Harness the Power of Drupal With Acquia CMS

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Pre-Selected Modules

We evaluated over 45,000 modules in the Drupal community and configured a CMS that you can use on day one.

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Advanced Security

Acquia CMS has enterprise security included. Our product management team handles it so you can focus on creating great digital experiences.

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A Better Content Authoring Experience

Acquia CMS includes an optional integration with our visual, drag-and-drop page builder. The real-time preview capability lets you to see changes immediately and allows your entire team to contribute.

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Integrations with Advanced Marketing Tools

Acquia CMS is designed to integrate with Acquia's Marketing Cloud. Whether you want to use data to inform your content or you want to personalize the content for your customers, it's available to you out of the box and ready to go when you are.

Low-Code Tools: Create Faster

Improve Your Time-to-Market

Low-code lets create content without needing to write and deploy code. This enables more of the team to contribute and will transform how you build and update web applications.

Visual, Drag-and-Drop Interface

The intuitive interface allows non-technical users to assemble a page. They can select components from the library and drag them onto a page. Create beautiful content in minutes with live preview.

Component-Based Site Creation

Designers can create configurable content components in the UI. Developers can create dynamic JS components that are auto-discovered by the system. Once in the CMS, anyone can preview a component and use it when assembling new content.

Improve Design and User Experience

We make it easy to upgrade the design elements of your application through a low-code interface.

Combine Creative Freedom With Governance

Use pre-approved branding and design elements, set the proper guardrails, and customize page components while staying on brand.

Responsive for Each Channel

With built-in responsive design, you can count on displaying your content and design in an engaging manner. It's easy to reuse design elements and content across every digital channel.

Extend Acquia CMS

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Connect With Other Key Systems

Easily connect to other systems by leveraging the 45,000 modules offered through the Drupal community. There are no limitations to what you can include with Acquia CMS.

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Activate Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Enable multilingual and localization capabilities so your content is available to your global audience.

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Integrate Your CMS

Explore Acquia's Digital Experience Alliance — a collection of Acquia-led integrations from complementary technology providers. 

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Unlock Developer Innovation

Decouple content and experience management from the code deployment schedule. Let your developers focus on driving innovation.

Features Acquia CMS Offers

Acquia CMS provides a vast feature library by combining the best of Drupal with solutions exclusive to Acquia.

Ease of Use
Turnkey CMS available on day one of installation.
Pre-selected CMS modules that are secure and performant.
Pre-configured content types and workflows.
Component based content assembly model.
Visual page builder with drag and drop tools.
Customizable UI Kit with over 70 starter components.
Responsive design with device level breakpoints.
WCAG 2.0 AA compatible components.
Multilingual support for over 100 languages.
Editorial options to enforce accessible content creation.
Centralized content creation for numerous users.
Users can access your content on any digital device.
Content workflow decoupled from code deployment.
Customizable dashboards for content authors, editors.
Pre-selected security configuration.
Password validation and reset guidelines.
Full user access control.
Granular permissions control.
Database encryption.
Information sharing via security reports.
Dedicated community security team.
Prevention of malicious data entry.
Mitigation of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
Patching of issues before they’re exploited.
Flexible Architecture
Multi-channel content delivery.
Accelerators for any type of CMS deployment - High code, Low code, and No code.
Accelerator for customer focused applications.
Accelerator for employee focused applications.
Accelerator for channel focused applications.
API first architecture.
JSONAPI and RESTful service layer.
GraphQL modules available.
Easily deploy content through various layouts.
Configurable structured data model.
World class taxonomy system.
Data reference and reuse.
OOP plugin based architecture for infinite extensibility.
Static site generation tools available.
Support for JS web components.
Multisite capabilities from a single codebase.
Roles and permissions for individual users.
Roles and permissions for groups of users.
Roles and permissions for specific content/design elements.
Cache tagging and purge automation.
Advanced caching system.
24x7x365 support.
Ensures uptime without server outages.
Runs more than a million checks a day for potential performance issues.
Routes technology that dynamically scales across server clusters.
Language translation - allow full translation of every part of a site; content, menus, components, taxonomy, forms, comments.
Supports languages with right-to-left text direction. Those available by default include Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi.
Data management in bulk.
API first architecture.
Data migration tools built-in.
Integration with personalization engine to optimize your content.
Integration with customer data platforms to inform your content strategy.
Integration with marketing automation system.
Integration with web analytics including Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
Integration with social media platforms including Facebook API, LinkedIn Posts, Twitter blocks.
Integration with conversational interfaces including Alexa and Google Home.
Integration with marketing automation systems including Salesforce, Mautic, Marketo, and Epsilon.
Access to thousands of free Drupal modules that natively integrate with ACMS.
Integration with CRM systems including Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Hubspot CRM and more.
Integration with Digital Asset Management Platforms.

"A solid foundation for growing our digital ecosystem"

Our Drupal CMS + Acquia Digital Experience Platform gives us : the advanced ability to build new experiences with Drupal efficient management of organized content types and the security and performance of Acquia Digital Experience Platform as a foundation a rock solid CDN the ability to add products over time as we develop our ecosystem.

Senior Director, Digital Experience - Rhode Island School of Design

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