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Create a far-reaching, unified experience across all your consumer touchpoints with pinpoint precision and control. The scale you want with the ease-of-use you demand.

Deploy New Instances

With Campaign Factory, you can set up brand new instances of Acquia Campaign Studio in minutes. Whether it's for new teams, business units, or clients, you can get a new message into the market quickly and capitalize on unexpected opportunities.

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Campaigns at Scale

Scalable Activation

Stick to Best Practices >

From audiences to campaigns to creative, Acquia offers tailored solutions for your business or clients designed to make templating easy—scaling best practices quickly and driving results.

Globally Analyze Results >

Stay on the pulse of your campaigns with a comprehensive view of how all of your content is performing across all of your Acquia Campaign Studio instances. Then, use the results to identify opportunities and optimize along the way.

Make Deeper Connections >

Use your analytics to generate insights that help you create stronger, more meaningful connections with your audience at every stage of the journey. And do it globally in Campaign Factory.

What Campaign Factory Does for You

Manage All Orchestration Instances

Empower every business unit with an orchestration solution while maintaining global visibility and control.

Replicate Best Practices

Sign-in & send. Template & replicate all orchestration elements, from audiences, to campaigns, to creative.

Analyze Results in Aggregate

Maintain a global view of how all of your campaigns, emails, and content are performing across your business.

Unify Your Experience

Distributed Marketing

There's power in consistency. Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time with the power to scale your digital experience operations across your entire organization from one central hub.

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Man with Small Men
Manage Multiple Teams

Keep a close eye on every facet of your business, even as it evolves and expands. Campaign Factory lets you work across regions and business units to provide an experience that feels unified at every touchpoint.


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Branding Done Better

Customize your Acquia Campaign Studio instances to match your company’s or client’s brand look and feel, ensuring a unified experience for your customers and a more consistent presence for your brand.