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Unlock and unify your customer data to generate rich insights that drive engagement. Drive ROI through smarter marketing and delivering seamlessly connected experiences.

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Experience and Scale

16+ Years of Enterprise Success

We know enterprise B2C use cases, and we have enriched the platform over time with customer feedback to provide best of breed analytics, segmentation, orchestration, and identity resolution.

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Acquia CDP is so good, we're letting it speak for itself. Your hands-on experience is just a click away. 

Explore a 360 Customer Profile

See the power of a single customer profile, combined from all profile, transactional, and event data sources. Give customer-facing teams powerful customer knowledge in real-time. 

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Build High-Impact Campaigns

With hundreds of pre-built and configurable attributes and refinements, create advanced customer segments and multi-channel journeys to deliver highly relevant campaigns. 

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Gain Critical Business Insights

Measure audience performance and behaviors at the segment level, across campaigns and channels, to gain holistic insights into the health of your business.


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Supercharge Your Marketing

The Only CDP That Meets Enterprise Needs

Rest easy knowing your CDP can seamlessly handle any volume or traffic spikes -- even on peak selling days. Don't worry about the cost or risk of scaling up to support fluctuations in volume and leave this to the experts. And, our team partners with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Total 360 Profile >

Unify all data into a single, persistent customer record that is available via UI and API to serve as the foundation for all insights and action.

Powerful Machine Learning >

Leverage pre-built models, clusters, and recommendations for fast time to value, and easily configure custom models with our no-code approach.

Fully Configurable Data Model >

Acquia CDP is metadata-configurable through a UI, surfacing any unique attributes or specifications across the whole data pipeline.

Supports High Data Volumes >

Built on a modern SaaS architecture, Acquia' CDP and machine learning framework support enterprises with large volumes of transactions, events, and profiles.

Get Immediate Insights >

The Acquia Data Model ingests data in a format that is instantly understood across Acquia CDP, so you can gain insights and act on data immediately.

Interactive Queries >

Use Acquia Interactive Queries' built-in SQL query editor to directly access unified CDP data -- without IT.

Data Democratization

Understand your customers and your business through intelligence founded on unified and accurate customer data.

  • Immediate Aha Moments

    With over 300 out-of-the-box business metrics, dashboards, and reports built from years of enterprise experience, gain insights as soon as data flows into the platform.

    Explore Acquia Analytics

  • Segment Level Analysis

    Use cohort analysis to measure audience performance and behaviors at the segment level over time to accurately measure multi-channel and multi-touch campaigns.

  • A Culture of Data Curiosity

    Give all teams access to unified CDP data and can easily toggle between reports and queries, as well as share data with external BI tools.

Key Features
Data Integration
API integrations
Real-time API-based integrations with all relevant adtech and martech systems
Flat File Integrations
Flat file integrations with systems that lack API connectors.
Real-time Integrations
Real-time data ingestion from source systems into the 360 customer profile.
CDP Webtag
CDP webtag to track web events and ingest real-time web events into the CDP.
Offline Integrations
Integrate data from offline systems, and upload data on a daily basis, 5-10x faster than manual batch uploads.,
Limitless Connectivity
Integration with any inbound, outbound, online, offline, or "homegrown" system.
OOTB Connectors
OOTB connectors with all the standard martech and adtech systems.
Proven Integration Methodology
Best of breed ETL process to ingest data into a proven data model that provides results out of the box for all customers.
3rd Party Data Append
Integration with 3rd party data service providers such as Epsilon, Acxiom, experian.
Best-of-Breed Data Model
Vertical-focused data model to give value to retail and other verticals as soon as data is ingested into the CDP.
Ingestion of All Relevant Data
Ingestion of profile, transaction, and event data; leveragable for analytics and campaigns.
Data sources and attributes can be added via self-service or by a partner.
Mobile App Integration
Ingest and activate data from native and web based mobile apps.
Adding New Data Sources
New data sources and attributes can be easily added as needed.
Data Quality and Identity Resolution
Standardization & Validation of Physical Residence
Street, email addresses, phone numbers, and other physical attributes are ingested into the CDP.
Gain insight to behavior of customers in the same household by calculating household level statistics (household spend, last purchase date, lifetime number of purchases).
Moving Flag
Flag in the data for when customer moves.
Built-in Identity Resolution
Comprehensive identity resolution is applied for all data ingested into the CDP, updated in real-time and daily depending on data source.
Real-time Identity Resolution
API-based data connectors ingest data into the 360 Profile in real-time; is available for campaign activation in real-time.
Data Cleansing
Merge duplicate profiles into a single view by mapping commonalities in profiles.
Daily Identity Resolution
While many sources are updated in the CDP in real-time; others are updated at least daily.
Support for data inconsistencies
Identity resolution corrects for mismatched names, upper/lower case format, syntax corrections etc.
Gender Identification
Correctly identify the gender of the customer.
Advanced Unification Methods
Probabilistic matching, fuzzy matching and distance measures.
Probabilistic and Fuzzy Matching
Intelligent ML algorithms analyze customer activities across channels to a unified customer profile even if there is only a partial name, address, or email match and then automatically unify those profiles together.
Record Deduplication
Deduplicate matching records, streamlining customer profiles into a single ID.
Non-latin Characters
Support for non-Latin languages.
Cross-brand Reconciliation
Evaluates customer behavior across multiple brands and unifies them into single profile.
Elastically Searchable
Non-technical personas can easily search the 360 profile.
Cookie Backstitching
Create a profile for customers upon identification; backstitch profile with anonymous data.
Non-destructive Deduping
Maintain all raw records that are stitched together, allowing for a view of all ingested profiles.
Accurate Customer LTV
Correctly ascertain customer lifetime value based on the comprehensive journey and all data points of a customer.
Reduction in Total Raw Records
With accurate deduping, reduce customer database size by 25% - 50%; dramatically increase accuracy of personalized campaigns and attribution analysis.
View of Customer Journey
Every interaction is tracked and logged into a customer “journey” view to understand which actions and oers compel customers to convert.
Configurable rulesConfigurable Rules
Create custom rules and configure existing attributes.
Profile UI
Customer profile Available via API or UI in real-time from database that is elastically searchable and updated in real time.
Profile API
Anyone across the organization can access the most up to date customer information in the manner of their choosing; connect 360 data via API to customer service and clienteling apps.
Full Master/Child Record View
CDP maintains all raw customers records to show you all the places that information exists in your martech environment (ESP, POS system, ecomm platform, loyalty system) so you can be compliant and correctly delete all instances.
Credit Card Hashing
Enable searching for matching credit card numbers from profiles and transactions and automatically stitches profiles together.
Postal Updates Including in Standardization
Identify customers no matter if they move by incorporating data from NCOA, DPV, CASS, etc.
Customer Data Management
Unique Customer IDs
Automatically assign unique identifier to each consumer throughout the consumer's lifetime.
Same Database for Analytics and Campaign Segmentation
Analytics and campaign segmentation is drawn from the same persistent data set. This includes householding data (physical and street address, etc.).
Management of Customer and Prospect Data
Segregation and management of customer and prospect populations at the individual level.
Limitless Attributes
No limits on attributes stored per customer, product, etc.
Agile Attribute Management
New attributes are easily created and calculated from existing data.
Automatic Incorporation of Post-purchase Data
Data such as returned orders, in store pick-up, and in-store returns are incorporated into the unified dataset.
Coupon Management and Support
Promotions, coupons, multiple coupons per order, and coupons specific to an individual customer and item are supported and incorporated into the unified dataset,
Alignment With Internal Reporting Systems
Revenue/margin calculations are continuously in sync with client’s internal reporting systems.
Architecture Flexibility
CDP architecture easily adapts to new data, changes in data feeds, so that new attributes are easily added to the CDP.
Geographical Nuance and Flexibility
CDP creates customer level geographical and preferred store locations such as geographically closest stores and the store most shopped at most.
Unlimited Data Types
No restrictions on data types or sources.
Customer Geographical Preference
CDP enables store customer contact preference including contact by SMS, email opt in, direct mail opt in, voice mail opt-in.
360 Customer View
CDP creates a 360 view of the customer from online, offline, and behavioral data.
Ingestion of Anonymous Data
Ingest anonymous data and backstitch to identified customers; OOTB integration with onboarding and data activation providers.
Support of Unstructured Data
Unstructured data such as product reviews, call center comments, etc., is incorporated into the CDP.
Cookie Data Storage
First party cookie data from owned websites, etc., is stored in the CDP.
Reporting and Analytics
Dashboards, Visualizations
OOTB executive dashboards, reporting for non-technical users; easy to gain insights at a glance.
Access for Technical and Non-technical Teams
No technical expertise required; non-technical marketers and other teams can easily understand, while technical teams can dive deep.
Create schedules and calendars for all multichannel campaigns.
Over 500 OOTB reports, tailored to an organization's needs, leveraging data model to power insights as soon as data flows into the system.
Configurable at the vertical, brand, and company level to meet unique business needs.
Same Dataset for Reporting and Segmentation
One unified, persistent database powers all insights and campaigns.
Calculated Attributes
Calculated attributes offer refinements on analytics and campaigns.
Comprehensive Analytics to Understand ROI
Gain insights into important details such as days since last purchase, last marketing source, etc.
Lifetime Value
LTV is the core metric powering analytics and campaign analysis, feeding into other metrics.
Analytics on 1x-2x Buyers
Gain critical insight in to first to second time buyers or repeat buyers.
RFM Reporting
Gain insight into RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) analytics in the platform, as well as advanced ML reporting to calculate LTV.
Integration With External BI Tools
Data export and snowflake data sharing.
Cross-sell and Upsell Analysis
Detailed reporting on upsell and cross sell metrics; recommendations for how to improve these KPIs.
Acquisition Source Reporting
Understand how acquisition sources impact revenue, and how to nurture newly acquired customers from specific sources.
Cohort and Segment Based Reporting
Gain insights into campaign performance at the cohort level, across channels and across campaigns.
Product and Category Reporting
Gain insights into product and category performance, including product and category migration analysis.
Direct Mail Campaign Reporting
Leverage in-depth match back reporting to understand the true ROI of direct mail campaigns.
Data Exploration
Explore data with drill downs, filters, cross tabulations, trend analysis, and cohort analysis.
Email Reports to Other Users
Share reporting insights with all team members across the org, including leadership.
No SQL Expertise Required
Non-technical marketers and other teams can easily gain insights through visual and intuitive reporting.
SWL Access on the Backend if Needed
Teams with SQL expertise can directly query CDP data to get the insights they need.
Built-in Data Visualization
Explore data with Looker-based visualizations, conducting ad-hoc analysis, dashboarding, and data exploration.
Geographical Reporting
Geocoding or location data shown or calculated.
Retail-focused Metrics OOTB
Analytics and KPIs for retail, direct mail, email, ecommerce and physical store.
Machine Learning and Predictive Models
ML predictions
Built-in likelihood models, including likely to buy, likely to churn, likely to pay full price, and likely to engage on email
ML Clusters
Built-in clusters, including category clusters, product clusters, and behavioral clusters - all with fuzzy clustering.
ML Recommendations
Built-in recommendations, including customer-to-product recommendations, and recommendations for marketers about next best channel, optimal send time, etc.
Custom ML Models
Leverage Acquia's ML framework to build your own ML models and easily feed them into the CDP for analysis and campaign activation.
ML Workbench
Leverage ML Studio to give your data science team the power to easily build your own ML models.
Frequency of Model Refresh
Models are refreshed at least daily.
Actionability of ML
ML models are easily leveraged by all campaigns and for analytics.
Customer Lifetime Value Models
Advanced modeling is included in the CDP to predict customer LTV and churn propensity.
ML Expertise & Resources
16+ years of ML expertise helps clients easily leverage machine learning and serve as resources to build custom models.
ML Analytics
ML Center provides hundreds of OOTB analytical insights for machine learning that is enabled for your company.
Audience & Campaign Management
Segment Creation From Data Stores & Calculations
Easily activate segments for campaigns across all channels via the CDP.
Multidimensional Segmentation
The ability to group audiences based on different attributes along multiple dimensions like products, likely buyers, consumer profitability, consumer life cycle , closet store etc.
Advanced Segmentation
For example choose a filter based on customer who bought a product - then choose product attribute and # products bought between two dates.
Direct Mail Campaigns
Leverage CDP data to intelligently drive direct mail campaigns and understand ROI from these campaigns.
Automated Campaigns
E.g. triggered events like abandon cart or abandon browse.
Campaign Export
Flat file export of campaigns.
Campaign Management
Create, execute and manage multichannel (offline and online) campaigns including ability to create and manage customer journey campaigns.
Marketing Automation
Automation for repetitive task such as triggered or abandonment or KPI metric threshold campaigns.
Triggered Campaigns
Triggered campaigns such store visit, event attended, call to call center etc.
Social Campaigns
Segmentation for campaigns in social media - Instagram, etc.
Display Campaigns
CDP manage the various elements of display marketing campaigns, including customers or look a like targeted in campaign and performance measurement.
Friendly to Non-technical Teams
Zero technical expertise to use CDP data to run campaigns.
OOTB Dynamic Personalization
Deliver content elements for dynamic personalization (e.g. last browsed products, last purchased products, profile attributes etc.) and can it be configured for additional elements (e.g. custom recommendation models).
Built-in AB testing
AB testing of segments utilized in all campaigns powered by the CDP.
Campaign Insights at the Cohort Level
Provide insights about selected and previously selected audiences, i.e., cohort analysis over time to report on sales, campaign performance, profile analysis.
Scalability & Configurability
Scale of ML Predictions
Support over 1.4 billion predictions per day.
Scale to Support High Demand
Scale to support Black Friday / Cyber Monday at any scale.
Scale to Support Events
For example choose a filter based on customer who bought a product- then choose product attribute and # products bought between two dates.
Scale to Support Customer Profiles
Support billions of customer profiles.
Configurability at Platform Layer
E.g. triggered events like abandon cart or abandon browse.
Configurability at Vertical Layer
Flat file export of campaigns.
Configurability at Account and Brand Layer
Create, execute and manage multichannel (offline and online) campaigns including ability to create and manage customer journey campaigns.
Experience and Expertise
Direct Mail Expertise
Experience and expertise in optimizing ROI of direct mail campaigns.
Business and Data Strategy
Marketing Cloud Consultant provide business diagnostics and use case strategy on an ongoing basis.
Integration Strategy
Implementation expertise advises and assists with integrating and activating new data sources and destinations.
Strategic Business Analysis
Ongoing strategic consultation for how to improve KPIs such as customer LTV, conversion rates, loyalty, retention rates, etc.
Campaign Expertise
Ongoing strategic consultation for which campaigns to run to increase revenue.
Analytics Expertise
Ongoing strategic consultation and creation of custom dashboards and reports to provide critical business analysis.
ML Expertise
Ongoing strategic consultation and support for leveraging existing ML models and developing new ML models as needed to drive business revenue.
Data Privacy, Governance, and Security
GDPR Compliance
Privacy API and self-service privacy portal ensure deletion requests are honored and GDPR compliance is honored.
CCPA Compliance
Privacy API and self-service privacy portal ensure deletion requests are honored and CCPA compliance is honored.
HIPAA Compliance
Platform ensures HIPAA compliance.
Authentication and Authorization
User level access controls on all applications within the platform.
Data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
Data Ownership
Company maintains sole ownership over CDP data; data is not co-mingled with other companies' data.
Privacy API
Privacy API ensures compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, etc.
SOC II Type 2 Compliance
Platform ensures SOC II Type 2 compliance.
Multi-tenant Architecture
CDP has multi-tenant architecture to ensure governance in distributed environments ( multi-brand, multi-tenant, multi-geo, etc.).