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The data you need to give the experiences they want. Welcome to your central hub for customer data.

Unify customer data from everywhere into a single, persistent customer ID. Equip teams organization wide with machine learning insights, powering 1:1 segmentation at scale.


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Increase in total  web page visits

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in revenue from $500K campaign

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return on total digital ad spending

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increase in web site conversion rates

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Digital Marketing

Turn Customers Into Loyalists for Life

Use behavioral insights to build seamless experiences across every touchpoint — from website and social media pages to physical storefronts, call centers, and everywhere between.


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Personalize Customer Experiences

Utilize predictive models to craft individualized content, based solely on behavioral data.

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Accurate Customer Segments

Leverage personas models that create customer segments based on many more variables than a human being ever could.

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New Revenue Opportunities

Deploy recommendation models to determine the next best action for each customer. sales, or distribute for e-commerce listings.

Enterprise Architecture

Get a 360 Degree Customer View

A better customer data picture improves personalization, giving your marketing strategy and decisions a sharper focus.


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Real-Time Data

Centralize control for greater efficiency, governance and security with multi-tenant capabilities.

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Reduce Operational Inefficiencies

Drive coordinated engagement from a single, scalable multi-tenant platform to create, template, and deploy content, campaigns and best practices across your organization.

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GDPR Compliance

Self-Service Data Erasure makes it easier for system administrators to comply with GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy requirements.

Data Analytics

Enable Proper Data Analysis

Give your whole organization universal data access to empower proper analysis at individual and aggregate levels.


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Accelerate Time-to-Value

Reduce reliance on IT or external teams and speed time to build campaigns.

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Destroy Internal Silos

Data visualization everyone can understand so you can quickly determine the best way to allocate your marketing budget across the buyer journey.

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A Single Source of Truth

An open and centralized infrastructure to unify all data and create holistic customer profiles for activation.

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Using the Acquia Marketing Cloud products allows us to have one place to put customer data to get a holistic view of our customers and enables us to give our customers a personalized experience across channels.


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Acquia CDP

Unlock and unify your customer data to generate rich insights that drive engagement.