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Supercharge Drupal search to help customers find content up to 500% faster. Acquia's fully managed Search is an easy to configure search service that lets you improve scalability, relevance, and performance. FedRAMP Authorized, Acquia Search allows you to offer search while maintaining compliance standards. 

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The Acquia Search Difference

Acquia Search is based on the popular Solr 7 open source enterprise search server used by organizations worldwide to index content and execute searches with faster performance for large data sets than the default Drupal database search.

Make Your Search Fast

Result filtering and weighting

Filter search results, and prioritize the content of your choice, shaping your users’ website experience.

Discoverability and Content recommendations

The ability for users to find content that enables them to stay engaged with the site and have recommend or related content to visitors, which can increase their time on your website.

Multi-entity and attachment searches

Search multiple types of content—content nodes, taxonomy terms, custom entity types and more.

Performant and Scalable Search

Acquia Search that will scale on its own when increases in traffic occur and will not go down due to risk. Ensuring it will always be available for site users.

High Availability

Acquia Search that is available due to being active/ active across 5 servers. Ensuring your search will not go down.

Organize Your Search Content

Up-to-date content

Drupal knows when you've changed content, and automatically submits those updates to Acquia Search.

Content Tagging

Create custom hierarchical taxonomies of content tags that make it easy to classify and organize when you create or import content.

Targeted Search-based Views

Display content in collections based on keyword tags, delivering relevant navigation, search and discovery all through a report building GUI (Views)

Faceted Search

Filter searches based on specific details or attributes for a more-precise searches in no time flat.

Increased Indexes

Acquia Search supports up to 800 indexes. This provides fast search response times because instead of searching for the desired text directly it searches for the index.

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Acquia hosting is just the beginning. Build, launch, and manage secure Drupal experiences at scale without sacrificing performance.

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Enterprise Caching

Scale delivery of personalized experiences to billions of views. With a built-in CDN and best-in-class infrastructure from Varnish to Memcache to BigPipe, Acquia reinvents CMS run-time architectures with caching at all layers of the digital stack.

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