Get your content house in order: How a DAM will transform your organisation

What's Covered?

  • What is DAM and why do you need a DAM tool?
  • Learn how global brands such as Life Fitness, New Balance, and Rent the Runway have used a DAM tool
  • See Acquia's DAM tool in action - how Marketing Ops, Product, omnichannel brands, and Drupal hosted websites can use Acquia DAM
Additional Info


One thing all great digital experiences need is rich content. Digital assets – images, videos, audio, etc. – are critical to communicating ideas and telling great stories. And with it, comes some complexity.

This short webinar will take you through the benefits of having a digital asset management (DAM) solution. You’ll learn how Acquia DAM can help to simplify brand, marketing, and product content so that it can be organised, accessed, and delivered to market.

Say goodbye to content chaos and see what's possible with Acquia DAM.

You will learn how Acquia DAM empowers global organisations such as New Balance, Rent the Runway, and Life Fitness to:

  • Organise all digital content in one central source
  • Provide self-serve access to brand-approved assets with ease
  • Publish up-to-date assets across channels
  • Transform and reuse content on-the-fly
  • Successfully combine DAM & PIM technology
  • Automate manual processes with smart workflows
  • Monitor content and system usage with powerful analytics

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