Great Customer Experiences in Transportation and Logistics

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Rapidly evolving technology, increased customer expectations, burgeoning data availability, and many other factors are making the transportation and logistics industry more competitive than ever before. 

In a time where customers expect faster and faster service, transportation and logistics companies are facing an expectation to provide just-in-time and near-real-time service that can only be fueled by technological innovation and digital transformation.  

While technology has created challenges for transportation and logistics companies, Acquia’s innovation and strategy can help you catch up, and keep pace with today’s customer.

Acquia’s suite of DXP solutions combines the state-of-the-art open source content management system of Drupal with enterprise marketing tools for personalization and omnichannel customer journey mapping.

Learn what our experts have to say about:

  1. The impact of evolving analytics and technology.
  2. The challenges of disruptive new competitors.
  3. Facing concerns about environmental impact.
  4. Proactively innovating to meet speed and efficiency demands.
  5. Developing and implementing a cohesive digital strategy.

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