Healthcare Today: Growing Expectations

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Patients and consumers are demanding higher levels of customer experience, and they expect those experiences to be digital.

Consumers are savvy. Informed by their experiences in other industries they are looking for more personalised and efficient interactions, with value-add content delivered at the right time on the right channel. The healthcare experience is no different. Hospitals and organisations affiliated with the NHS should look at customer experience factors across other industries to better understand the bar to which they are being held when patients evaluate their experience.

The ability to implement the right technology solutions, will be key to growing and thriving. And let’s face it—growing and thriving are what healthcare is really all about.

Healthcare as an industry is complex, so it's no surprise that so are the digital challenges. An abundance of marketing tools and technology exist, but each with its own purpose and set of patient data. The larger the organisation, the more disparate systems. For all strides technology has made in tailoring experiences to the patients needs, wants and interests, healthcare is still deeply personal; digital can't always take the place of face-to-face human interaction.

The eBook contains the insights and information about the challenges that healthcare is facing, along with how Acquia can help you meet today’s customer expectations.