Communicate with travelers on the platforms the prefer, and provide the relevant, personalized experiences they expect.

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Acquia in Hospitality

See how Acquia’s product suite can help deliver a best-in-class digital experience for both existing and potential guests, who now expect a highly personalized and efficient interaction throughout the journey, on every device.

Shifting Expectations in Hospitality

Today's traveler expects personalized communications from hospitality companies. Learn how to meet the challenges today's guests demand.

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200 %

increase in website traffic

30 %

increase in mobile traffic

60 %

decrease in bounce rate

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100 %

YoY increase in conversion rates

100 %

YoY increase in overall bookings

40 %

YoY increase in room nights booked

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Benefits of the Acquia Platform

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    Spend less time building, and lower your development and maintenance costs.

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    Grow to meet demand, increase efficiency, secure your data, and streamline your workflows for developers and marketers.

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    More accurate data and automated insights to personalize customer journeys.