Enterprise Search

Keep your customers engaged by giving them the most relevant content.

Content Discoverability

Make it easy for your visitors to find engaging, relevant content. Search is a critical feature for any digital experience and Acquia Search delivers the content they need for the answers they want.

Search Indexes

Search platforms leverage indexes to provide an expansive site search experience. Acquia Search supports up to 800 indexes, providing faster search response times via index searching versus text searching.

Auto-Scaling Search Platform

Scale your search with traffic increases. No matter how many visitors you have, your search will always be available.

Highly Available Search

We understand that if Search goes down, user experience declines. That’s why Acquia’s Search is deployed across 5 servers in an active-active setup to ensure availability.

Fully Managed Search Platform

Acquia Search is fully managed. Focus on your innovation and leave search management to us. 

For Marketers

Find out more reasons why marketers love to work with Acquia CMS.

  • Low-Code Content Creation

    It should be easy to build content– for anyone. Acquia CMS makes that mission a reality with Site Studio.

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  • SEO

    Drive higher search rankings, more traffic, and faster websites with Acquia CMS.

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  • Multilingual Management

    Multiple languages – No problem. Acquia CMS makes localization of your content a breeze.

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  • Structured Content Made Easy

    Content organization is critical to drive results. Acquia CMS makes it easy to organize content models, types, and taxonomies.

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  • Martech Integrations

    Quickly and easily integrate with your existing martech stack to drive cohesive digital experiences and make the most of your digital content.

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  • Enterprise Search

    Enable your customers to quickly find the most relevant content to prevent users from disengaging with your digital experience.

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