Tips for Tuning Solr Search: No Coding Required

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Tips for Tuning Solr Search: No Coding Required

Helping online visitors easily find what they’re looking for is key to a website’s success. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to improve search in ways that don’t require any coding or code changes. We’ll show you easy modifications to tune up the relevancy to more advanced topics, such as altering the display or configuring advanced facets.

Acquia’s Senior Search Engineer, Nick Veenhof , will guide you step by step through improving the search functionality of a website, using an in-house version of an actual conference site.

Some of the search topics we'll demonstrate include:

  • Clean faceted URL’s
  • Adding sliders, checkboxes, sorting and more to your facets
  • Complete customization of your search displays using Display Suite
  • Tuning relevancy by using Solr optimization

This webinar will make use of the Facet API module suite in combination with the Apache Solr Search Integration module suite. We'll also use some generic modules to improve the search results that are independent of the search technology that is used. All of the examples shown are fully supported by Acquia Search.

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