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WordPress Hosting: Versatile to the Core

Launched in 2003, WordPress is an application for building websites and publishing content online. This freely available, open-source content management system (CMS) not only stores content but also enables the creation and publishing of webpages. And all that it requires for this, are a domain and a hosting service.

Our affordable range of WordPress Hosting plans offer high uptime, fast speed, powerful security, 24*7 technical support, all-in-one optimization through the precise and fast LiteSpeed Cache Plugin and much more, to deliver a seamless WordPress Hosting experience.

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We prioritize providing fast and seamless hosting. Our team of experts works round the clock to provide prompt technical assistance, so that your site is up and running 24*7.

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An Ideal option for

Owing to its versatility, WordPress and the service of WordPress Hosting are being used by a broad spectrum of people. WordPress serves as an ideal platform for both, large as well as small-sized businesses and individual bloggers. Some of the famous brands that rely on WordPress, for creating aesthetically pleasant websites which function seamlessly, are BBC America, The Walt Disney Company, etc. Not surprisingly, WordPress accounts for a large number of high traffic website usage.

It is an ideal option for not only the blogger, the editor, the freelancer, the merchant, the networker but also the project manager owing to the availability of a wide variety of plugins and its versatility. An efficient WordPress Hosting service caters thoroughly to the specific hosting requirements of a WordPress site and delivers phenomenal WordPress hosting.

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Why Choose WordPress Hosting?

WordPress, which powers 39.6% of the Internet, is undoubtedly the most popular platform in the world for website publishing. Its versatility and adaptability along with many other advantageous features and its capability to function as the backend for eCommerce websites, blogs and static web pages contributes to its popularity. We excel in delivering top-tier WordPress Hosting service, which is a specialized form of web hosting service that has been optimized to run WordPress sites.

Availing WordPress Hosting plan will ensure that your web hosting service caters specifically to the hosting requirements of your WordPress site. It becomes possible to pre-configure a wide range of web technologies for fast set up within WordPress through a WordPress Hosting plan. A WordPress Hosting plan ensures that the servers hosting WordPress sites are kept fully secure to ensure an added level of protection against online threats that are WordPress-specific. WordPress hosting makes it convenient to carry out bulk upgrades and apply security patches instantly. The bundled services work well with WordPress Hosting. This type of hosting renders resource usage of a server more predictable and the server’s configuration more specific. This ultimately aids in faster upgrades.

In a nutshell, WordPress Hosting service ensures that the configuration of the server and its resource allocation cater specifically to WordPress sites requirements. The ultimate result is enhanced performance and security of WordPress sites.

Make a Prudent Choice

WordPress is a versatile software that is used for creating blogs, websites, directories, galleries, forums, online shopping sites and much more. This immensely popular CMS features integrated link management and can easily assign many categories to posts as well as support related to tagging of posts. WordPress has automatic filters and it supports the Trackbag and Pingback standards. The popularity of this feature-rich CMS continues to grow due to the limitless benefits that it is known to offer to its users as well as for its user-friendliness and versatility.

With our highly sought-after WordPress Hosting service that is powered by LSCache plugin, you can reap the benefits of built-in PageSpeed optimization, third-party CDN integration, image optimization service and much more at budget-friendly prices. Now you can effortlessly handle traffic spikes, turbo-charge WordPress conveniently and manage cache with precision. Our LiteSpeed Web Server ensures the security of your site by delivering inbuilt protection against online threats and keeps your WordPress site up and running uninterruptedly. Additionally, you can fully cache eCommerce pages as well as content that is personalized. LSCache augments user experience significantly. Remarkable speed, enhanced performance and security and much more are part of our feature-rich, low-priced WordPress Hosting services.

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